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What is Reading By Ear? Reading By Ear is our name for learning to read by listening. Just as a child learns to talk by first hearing speech, so reading success depends on actively listening to the sounds of language. When children gain an awareness of sounds, they are ready to attach them to corresponding written symbols. When children investigate sounds by combining and separating different sounds and manipulating them, they form the skills necessary for decoding (reading) and encoding (writing) language. In order to capture the attention of a child's listening ear, we have used music.  In our commitment to reach every child, we have developed multi-sensory pathways. Our curriculum develops multiple senses by the use of color, music, movement and oral-motor awareness. To lead children along these paths, we have produced a step-by-step, systematic curriculum using proven teaching methods. Read More    Creating a Musical Bridge to Reading Through Phonemic Awareness Reading By Ear is a fun, musical introduction to reading readiness!  Toe-tapping alphabet songs, enunciated phoneme-raps, colorful alphabet cards, playful primers and a song book with complete lyrics and dance movements! Music is the best way to learn and perfect for homeschooling!  Your child can sing their way to reading success! And all songs are sung by Jim Post, well-know folk singer and composer of 60’s hit song, "Reach out of the Darkness!"