Writing With Alphabet Cards We are excited to offer a new line of alphabet cards (including 4 additional phonemes) featuring the same charming characters the children have already come to love! For example, Purple Pig introduces a fun rhyme to teach the student to write the letter "p." To insure our commitment to multi- sensory learning, we've used shape, color, line, sound and music association to address every learning style. Not only does the rhyme guide the child in letter formation, but it also supplies an additional tool for remembering the letter. The "picture letter" reinforces recall of the letter sound, by using visual imagery, and the repeating theme found in the song, the primer, and the warm-ups, returns once again to introduce the written alphabet. The cards are available in both D'Nealian Font and Traditional Font. All 30 phonemes (the alphabet plus ch, th, sh, and ng), come on their own 8.5" by 11" laminated card for the low cost of $24.95 plus shipping and handling! ORDER TODAY! Creating a Musical Bridge to Reading Through Phonemic Awareness Reading Reprintable Preprimers Our 30 Preprimers contain all the characteristics of Good Preprimer Text:  Patterned Text: Using the Targeted Sound  Picture Support: A Delightful Picture on Every Page!  Use of Highly Frequent Sight Words  Three to Four Spaces Between Words/ Large Print  Concrete Concepts: Charming Plot with Generous Use of Humor  Each Story is Based on an Already Familiar Character From the Song! Reading By Ear!!  A Preprimer for Every Phoneme: 30 Preprimers!!!  Reproducible!! Every Child Takes Home 30 Books!!  Charming Pictures to Color!   © Reading By Ear 2011